Iten Home of Champions

A runner’s dream come true: high altitude training in Iten, Kenya - Home of Champions.

When I traveled there the last week of September 2022, I really did not know what to expect other than accumulating lots of miles running. But the minute you get there, you fall in love with their people, their kindness, their simplicity, their hard work and of course, their PASSION for running.

We ran twice per day and got to experience some of the Kenyan dirt roads and forest run. Also, we had a long run in one of the most famous places for elite runners to run along giraffes: Moiben Road. We also visited Lake Nakuru National Park, a Massai family and donated to a local school in Iten.

I’m still pinching myself and will be forever grateful for this amazing opportunity. There are really no words to explain how life-transformative the experience is. You not only go back home a better runner, but a more humbled human being. I have made wonderful lifetime friendships, and you bet I will be going back there again!

P.S: I accumulated 60+ miles that week! ❤️

I’ll leave you with this image slide-show of some of the best photos from this experience: